Course Description

After telling us a little bit about themselves, BOOMscat will demonstrate how to create a unique musical experience through encouraging confidence within self expression and sound. 

Featured Artist

BOOMscat .

In one box she drew an astronaut. Another, a scientist. The last, an artist. Who knew that this kindergartner’s dream would later be her reality? On September 3, 1986, Asha “BOOMCLAK” Santee was born with a beat in her heart and has been rocking to it ever since. Following in the footsteps of her father, who played the drums for their local church, Asha started playing at the age of 6. The entrepreneurial bug bit her early and, at 14, she was teaching drums to kids in her neighborhood. Asha Santee’s passion for music and art has taken her all over the world, as she has been an asset to several bands across the DMV such as The Peace & Body Roll Duo BOOMscat, The CooLots, The Huda Asfour Trio, Grammy-Nominee Carolyn Malachi, and Grammy Award-Winning, Mya. Asha currently has three solo projects on all streaming platforms including her latest release, GINKGO. Patience is a creator, actress, vocalist, Reiki practitioner and writer native to Washington, D.C; a creative with a passion for the spoken word and sound healing. Patience is most recently recognized as the "Scat" of the Peace & Bodyroll Duo BOOMscat, as well as the Director of Programs for DC-based artist collective, Makers Lab. Patience is currently working on a solo project, with her first single “Gray” on all digital streaming platforms. Patience is an artist who creates collages for your listening pleasure. If you listen closely, you may feel her heart between your ears. 

Course curriculum

  • 1


    • An Introduction to Creating Your Own Sound

  • 2

    Opening Performance

    • Creating Your Own Sound Demonstration

  • 3

    Expert Introduction

    • Meet the Artists of BOOMscat_

  • 4

    Framing the Lesson

    • Lesson Overview

  • 5


    • Learn How to Create Your Own Sound!

  • 6

    Close Out

    • Wrap Up

  • 7

    Creating Your Own Sound Quiz

    • What Did You Learn?