Joy of Sound

Using Music to De-Stress | taught by Josh Craig

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The Josh Craig will introduce us to sound therapy and how to compose music for healing.

Josh Craig
Josh Craig
Featured Artist

The Josh Craig (TJC) is a singer, songwriter, composer, DJ, visual artist and sound scientist currently living in Brooklyn, NY while frequently traveling abroad to Spain and Germany. His music reflects the everyday journey that is living as an involved artist in a city that never sleeps. Often blending genres, TJC has a one of a kind style and flavorful stage presence. 

Using foreign and unique methods to create art, he has found a way to bridge some of the gaps separating the relation of audio to video. 

In Spring 2016, he teamed up with cyborg artist Neil Harbisson to compose music using Neil's implanted antenna that captured the sounds of colors on products in a Manhattan supermarket.

In 2017, he began working as Chief Hologram Evangelist & Lead Sound Designer at Looking Glass Factory (inventors of 3D volumetric displays) on audio and visual collaborations with 3D LED displays using sound reactive lights in live musical performances. 

In 2018, TJC became resident DJ at DIY performance venue and community shared kitchen, Magick City in Greenpoint BK. 

In 2019, he founded the 64 page international magazine, "1188ZINE," and also designed the 214 page photo book, "My Camera Is Broken."

Currently, he is working on mixed media with Eaton Workshop in Washington DC, GUM Studios and 393NYC in NY, and Anne Spalter of BROWN U and RISD. 

He has held various artist residencies in the past and is now finishing his debut interactive solo album with a short film to compliment and recently launched his label, Living Room Rythmʼ Records. The Josh Craig's latest releases are 120 N BEYOND, Quarantine20 and Passion & Purpose. 

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Lesson: Part 2
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